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All Prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling. Please email your order to fleur@hitchcocks-bath.co.uk please list your choices using the words highlighted below, please also tell us where in the world you are. We will email you with a reply quoting availability and postage costs.  We charge postage at cost, and only charge for what we send. 

You can also phone - 0044 1225 723988


Robert Race:

Robert Race. Climbing bathers, action cut out, single sheet  1.10 each


Robert Race, Flapping Butterfly, action cut out, single sheet.  1.10 each



Robert Race, Kiss is Just a Kiss, Action Cut out, single sheet. 1.10



Robert Race Carousel. Action cut out, single sheet.  1.10 each


Robert Race Sailor. Action Cut out, single sheet. 1.10 each




Peter Markey, limited colours, the original cut outs, 
frequently redesigned and improved.

The Dragon.  two colours, moderate difficulty.    £1.80 head and tail move


The Ark, several animals, fairly easy, rocks but no other moving part.  £1.80


Bird watching cat.  Head and Bird swivel, moderate difficulty.  £1.80


Elephant.  Nodding head.  Fairly Easy.

Olympic Runner.  Moderately difficult. Arms and legs move.  £1.80




Rocking Crocodile.  Head and tail move, Moderate to Easy.  £1.80



Nodding Dinosaur.  Head and torso nod. Moderate to easy.  £1.80


Peter Markey's kissing couple, heads swivel to bring on moment of passion.
Moderately difficult.  £1.80


Peter Markey's Wave machine. A cardboard version of the wooden original 1.65 each



Mechanical Dog.  A cardboard version of the original Peter Markey spotted dog. Head and tail swivel.  £1.80

Nodding Tiger.  Head and tail nod. Fairly easy.  £1.80


Nodding Cat.  Head and tail nod. 
Fairly easy.  £1.80


Nodding Cow.  Head and tail nod.
Fairly easy.  £1.80


Cheetah.  Galloping front and back legs, moderate difficulty.  £1.80






Paul Spooner



Also available his Eden Project Plant Takeaway - nice graphics but doesn't move.



Magic Soup. Paul Spooner's only moving cut out. Each time Anubis picks up the pyramid, the soup changes colour like a traffic light.

 £2.50 each 

Very Difficult



Martin Graf

Martin's cut out's are in German, but you don't 

need a dictionary, just a little common sense.

Man watching woman sunbathing crashes into tree, the word 'Bums' comes up -meaning different things in different languages! 

3.25. Single sheet. Moderate

The deer, behind central tree, hides from the toadstool in the foreground.

3.25 single sheet, moderate.

In the clouds, the lovers kiss kiss, and he gives her his heart...

3.25 single sheet, moderate.



Martin Graf's Cactus cut out  

We don't know what happens to this one because we haven't made it yet!!!!





The Fly

Eyes and hand move in concert £3.25

Not so easy





The Artist

Painting the waterfall, the tap drips in the background  £3.25



The Titanic

As illustrated  £3.25

Fairly simple





The Worm

This hangs on the wall, 

very easy



The Toadstools


Very easy, hangs on the wall,



Pension W.



This is a german french farce - I think, as I'm not a fluent German reader...

It comes with characters, a set and a whole script for you and your friends to act out.


Fairly straightforward to make, much more difficult to act...

Also one rude one....

Click here to see


A small selection of Rob Ives Cut outs...

Bob The Dog
his head nods gently up and down..

Fairly easy

The Skiing Sheep

He does his best to ski and wobbles and twists on top of his pedestal

£3.50 Fairly easy 

 Other Rob Ives available at £3.50 are:

Surfin the Web
Mexican Peck
Jungle Jim
Exercising fool
Ewe Boat
Flying Pig