Ian McKay at Hitchcocks' Mechanical Toys for sale or sometimes to order...

Fetch!  £145 including UK postage.
In stock now.

dogdog frontdog view

  Baaa!   £145 Including UK postage in stock now     sheep frontsheep
ianmckayboatsboatslarge   The Race or the Flotilla.  Multiple Sail yachts all moving.
   From £900 - £1500    depending on size (to order only)
      Half Seas Over  £232    
length can be between 50cm and 1m    
width usually about 8cm   
halfseasoverhalfseasover2three half seas overs different sizes
driftwood back with yacht   Mal de Mers with driftwood backs from £59 - £65
  depending on size. 
detail from wall mounted stormy seasstormy seas wall mounted   A hybrid of Stormy Seas and Half Seas over produces
  similar pieces to this, wall mounted, selling for £295 
  something similar available to order
  Balloon Ladies £265  
 (they vibrate their balloons
and raise and lower their
ice creams) 
balloonlady ballonlady1detailballoonladythree balloon
pegcake Peg from sidepeg tea cake    Peg people - with cake and a cuppa  £43
   with a heart  £39
   with a present  £39
   with a baby £43
  Mal de Mer boats,
lighthouse or palm tree
boat & palmpalm tree detailpalm/boat
birdworm   Bird with a worm   £230 


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