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Automata links:

www.cabaret.co.uk The home page of the great Sue Jackson's mechanical theatre.

www.automates-passion.com a bit lord of the rings, but another French website making reference to the grand French tradition.


 Totally lovely Kazu... 

www.tomhaney.com/index.htm tasty automata.

www.dugnorth.com  The entry to the portal of Automata, woww, what a huge site...

http//barkingdogsautomata.homestead.com/home.html   Dan Torpey's  inventive site well worth a look.

Martin Smith  truly a mechanical genius, can be found at www.smithautomata.co.uk

Daniel's web site in Tel Aviv, www.roggerijoffe.com/

There is a fabulous favourite at Biggles.uk.com - Art meets Automata.

Kezwan's site at http://kevinwright2.tripod.com this guy is trying to recreate the golden age of French Automata - and I think he does it in his spare time - good for clocks too.

www.chomickmeder.com good fun and a huge collection of links, very pretty site, regularly updated.

www.cool4cats.biz .this is good for cut outs

http://www.mglloyd.com/ textile/sculptural interesting stuff..... from the states.

www.kineticart.com.ar well worth a look

http://www.automatadolls.com/  Website of unusual automata dolls

www.fourteenballstoyco.uk Familiar but still good

http://www.kineticus.com/exhibition.php?logo=off&tc=f0f0f0&tabg=004080&bgcol= Extraordinary catalogue of exhibitions of sculpture, past and future all over the world -

www.icebergbouwplaten.nl strange paper kits

www.automatomania.com the company that know about old Automata in the UK

www.zuko.to/kobo/english/e-index.html well worth a look

www.kugelbahn.ch you can find almost everyone on their links page....

www.westdean.org  They run short automata courses with Ian McKay and Robert Race

Toy links:

Roger Copple of Heros makes beautiful skittles (that we happen to sell) this is his website: www.rogercopple.co.uk


Other Weird and wonderful websites that we have found...

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FMqftVhOuTw  Kinetic sculpture that walks along the sea shore... watch this and the other links on the UTube bit.

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TonK9FdU97M  college animation, a la brothers Quay.

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ftYSMk4BLto&feature=related  Wilson Keppel, and maybe not Betty.... the original sand dancers...

This splendid saw players website, best watched with sound....http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=109984715

www.kingbladudspigs.org  currently calling for artists, this is a public art project in our home city of BATH it could be fun for the summer if you're visiting...