Animals, ring turned and carved by Christian Werner of Seiffen.

These animals fit with the small ark, from the workshop of Christian Werner, and are all individually made and painted.  Christian is a Reifentiere, which means that he makes his animals in a large turned ring and then splits each one off and carves it. There are very few Reifentieres left in Seiffen.

If you see the two hens, the coin with them is a 1 penny piece which gives you some idea of scale.

To order any of these, please email  or call 01225 723988 (answerphone)


Lions £4.65 each (please specify male or female)                                         

cwark.jpg (34930 bytes)
Small Ark complete with 36 figures  £125


Eagle  £3.60 NEW
Black widow Spider £2.70
Little Goat 2.25 OUT OF STOCK
Zebra  £4.65 
Rhino £3.70 NEW

Daschund 2.25 NEW
Colorado Beetle  £2.95 NEW
Wilderbeest £3.25 NEW
Owl  £3.15 NEW
Cart Horse  £2.85 NEW

Rabbit or Hare £1.95
Sheep £2.00
Small Dog £1.95
Polar Bear  £2.60
Pig  £1.95

Otter  £2.85
Okapi  £2.85
Panda  £3.20
Kiwi  £2.60
Horse  £2.85

Brown Bear £2.60
Camel £3.20
Cat  £4.00 out of stock
Cow £2.85

Donkey  £2.60
Dove  £1.95
Elephant  £3.50
Giraffe  £2.85
Goat £2.85

Goose £2.00
Hens £1.95 each


Hippo £3.20

Elk or moose £3.50

Fox  £3.20

Tiger £4.65
Stork  £2.60
Turkey  £2.85